BLUE POEM is a small Himalayans cattery, located in the center of Romania, in the city of Tirgu Mures, member of The Atlantic Himalayan Club - CFA affiliated.

BLUE POEM is mostly specialized in the breeding of lynx variants (excluding chocolate-point), from well-known American and Russian blood lines. The pedigrees of our producers are presented on our web-site.
We began the breeding about ten years ago, from the year 2002 established just in colourpoints. We breed for the show standard, only top quality cats, severely selected. The Blue Poem's kittens are appreciated and imported by breeders from four continents and they have rich exhibition records. 
The first CFA Grand Champion & Regional Winner born in our cattery, Blue Poem's Mystic Charm of Mipaws is now in the TOP (click) of the best Himalayans. For his beautiful record I'm grateful to Kathy Chandler (Mipaws cattery - USA).

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All the genitors of our kittens are PKD DNA tested. We breed only DNA PKD negative cats. 













The Blue Poem kittens have a marvellous temperament, they are excellent companions, very affectionate with people as well as with other companion animals because they grow together with us as true family members.



The kittens can leave the cattery only after 4 months, an age at which they had finished all the necessary vaccinations and anti-parasite treatments, being eligible for a health warranty certificate.

All pet kittens will be sold spayed/neutered, no exception! 

Breeding and show quality kittens are available by reservation just for responsible breeders, non caging catteries only, european prefered! 

For some reasons we refuse the sale to beginners in breeding & show, so please don't ask us kittens with breeding right if you can't prove a minimal experience or you have not a mentor who can recommend you!

For reservation we ask a half from the total sum (nonrefundable) for kittens not younger than one month old. 

If you like our babies and would like a small bundle of fur that would make you the most proud owner in the cat shows, do not hesitate to contact us, communicating your preferences. Please tell me about yourself, your breeding or show experience, the location where you live, your recommendations etc. 

We don't answer to anonymous requests and we reserve the right to refuse sale of any of our kittens for ANY reason.




Camelia Murgocea
Tg. Mures - Romania



  We hope that you enjoy your visit and please fell free to contact us!
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